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Abortion [01 Mar 2005|12:47am]
[ mood | creative ]

SO my next door neighbor wanted me to write her a poem for her english class about abortion. She asked the right person...So i told her to hang on for 10 minutes and this is what i wrote within that 10 minute span...

Life is life, and when you kill it, you kill it,
Whether Unborn or old, it wont really matter will it,
Cause murder is murder, with a gun or a knife,
And a doctor can be a killer if hes taking a life
Whether your wife or your lover,
Its your choice to kill another,
But that baby that your kiiling could have been somebodys brother
Or could have been sister, but now never existed
Abortion is a reason why this world is so twisted,
If youd take a sec to listen, youd see it was your decision
To kill a helpless fetus with just a little incision,
I guess it all depends on your political stance,
But I think it all depends on the certain circumstance
Cause if your pants get pulled down, without your consent,
You probly cant afford a baby let alone pay the rent,
And then your parents feel the burdon of the weight that you hold,
And then abortion is thing that warms you up when your cold,
Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a choice you might have to make,
So save your self the trouble, and just don’t make a mistake.

Imagine what I can do if i actually spend some time on it..

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NEW SONGS [09 Jan 2005|06:25pm]
I made a couple new songs, so if you want an updated version of my cd just ask.
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"Between a rock and a hard place" [13 Dec 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

"Between a rock and a hard place" is the name of the book that a guy who had to cut his own arm off wrote. Yesterday I watched a thing on the discovery channel about the guy that got trapped in a canyon and had his arm crushed by a rock and had to cut it off to escape. It was the craziest thing ive ever seen. To be honost I think it is a better story than lance armstrong's, although if lance was in this position im sure he could get out of it as well becuase he is crazy also, But dont get me wrong im sure overcoming cancer and then winning the tour de france like 7 times is really difficult, im not downgrading it, i just like hearing about someone cutting there own arm off, that takes some big nuts.
Anyway, So this guy climbs mountains and shit all the time, he is well known for doing crazy shit, once he was buried in a avalanch and he survived that but thats besides the point. So he decided to take a break from climbing crazy mountains and shit, so he decided to go to a secluded place where he could just chill, he hiked for a long ass time and then went into this cavern and basically, while he was in this cavern, which was like 2 feet wide, a huge rock fell on him and crushed his arm and pinned it to the wall. So he was stuck in a standing position and he hadnt told anyone where he went and he was stuck in this crevice for 6 days apparently. Now the crazy thing about the documentary i watched was that he had a video camera with him when it happened. So he recorded himself talking throughout the several days. They showed a little bit of footage but said that they couldn't show it becuase it would make his family to upset so they just played the audio of the tapes.
Ill get back to what he was saying on the tapes in a second. So he was stuck there in a shirt and shorts, during 50 degree nights in a standing position which wouldnt let him sleep. He had one bottle of water and 2 burritos. So what he did was took a very small sip and a very small bite of his burrito every couple hours for six days. He said that he ran out by like the 5th day, so he just put the water to his lips but didnt drink any. So the shit he was saying on the video he taped of himself was ridiculous. He talks about how all he wants is a glass of orang juice or a popsickle, he said anything would be so good right now and he keeps saying how much he loves everyone and how he is pretty sure hes gonna die, and how he took everything for granted and he basically talks to himself about how stupid he is for not telling anyone where he was going and keeps saying that he misses everyone and hes sorry. He even carves R.I.P on the wall and writes some shit. It was sad shit, but the craziest stuff was his escape.
So what he did was once he had made up his mind that the only way to survive was to cut off his arm he tried to use his pocket knife, but he had been trying to chip away at the rock to get his hand free, so the knife was to dull, so he used this tiny little knife he had. he stuck it in his arm and he said decomposing gas came out because his arm was already decomposing, and then he couldnt cut through his bone so he struggled for a while till he could break the two bones that he needed to break, then he had to cut through his nerve which he said hurt more than he could explain, then once he got free he had to walk a while then repell down a 65 foot cliff, then walk four miles. Keep in mind he had no sleep for 6 days, almost no water and almost no food. and he is bleeding from the limb that he just cut off.
Now that is crazy, it just makes me think that I am taking everything for granted. I dont think I truly appreciate everything that I have. How can I ever be depressed about not having something. Whatever it may be I have no excuse to be depressed. I also think I should never complain about anything ever again. This guy has inspired me to appreciate everything I have instead of worry about what i dont have. And right now i am bored out of my mind, but at least I am at home, typing on my computer, watching tv. At least im not in Iraq, or in a cavern, All in all, im just glad i dont have to cut my arm off, cause i like doing stuff with my arms. But anyway, if I complain about something to you please remind me that I have both my arms and I'll stop.

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I just dont care anymore....I love it! [23 Nov 2004|12:52am]
[ mood | creative ]

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's over. My gf and I broke up like two days ago and I actually feel great. If you don't know what my relationship was like then I'll give you a brief summary. This is kinda long cause im catching up for like 3 months so bare with me. Here is an example; Whenever I wanna do something (watch basketball, chill with a friends, go to a party, ect.) I have to choose between my gf and doing what I want to do because she feels like I like basketball more than her or whatever it may be. but IM not gonna explain everything we fight about becuase this list goes on and on and on and you would all just laugh at some of the ridiculous fights we had. So In this particular situation I say fuck it, all I want to do is watch basketball tonight, so I watch basketball and at first I know that I should be able to watch the game. But then she some how manipulates the situation so I think I’m wrong and I end up apologizing. This happened about every day. Several times a day. Why can't I just watch basketball sometimes, I hung out with her almost everynight. I just need a night to chill. but anyway...
Now that I look back at it, I don’t know why I was with her for so long, since the words I would use to describe our relationship would be "mental torture." But I know why, because the pussy talks to me. It whispers to me and says I love you Joshy, I know you love me. Please don’t leave me. And I must be a weak man because I couldn't stand up to the voice. I thought I would be upset that I am alone now, because I hate being in the whole dating pool thing. But Im not really upset at all. I’m happy actually! Not because I’m in the dating pool again, but because I was actually miserable most of the time in my relationship. Dont get me wrong, I did Like her alot and some of the time we had fun inbetween all the fights but I was kinda unhappy most of the time. It sucks because I don’t meet any girls so who knows when I'll meet my next gf, but I really don’t care. Whenever it happens happens. To be honost,the only girl im kinda interested in at the moment is one of my sister's friends, but realistically I doubt anything will ever happen, she is away at college now anyway. Its just funny cause im not the type of guy that has the fantasy of having two girls at once, one girl is enough, I just think it would be fuckin awesome if my sister had her friend sleeping over and she snuck down to my room in the middle of the night (I know my homie Brandon knows what I mean) that shit would be fuckin awesome. That may sound wierd and perverted and it is slightly embarrassing, but hey, im writing on live journal, I cant get much worse. I know she's probly gonna read this and my sister probly will to, but hey what is the theme of this post.....I dont care about anything anymore!!!! .....so anyway I went a little off subject...I like having a gf and cuddling and all that shit but I really am just glad that I’m not fighting right now, because that’s all I did for the last 2 months. Fight after fight after fight. And I never fight, I never even get mad and there I was, mad every day. But now I’m back to normal so it’s all good. I’m free. I can do whatever I want. This shit is crazy.
My next semester at school is going to suck balls, but who cares, at this particular moment I am sitting at my computer all alone and I have never enjoyed it more.
And now for my final thought. To everybody who is ever depressed about something, you gotta just think about it and realize that it’s gonna pass sooner or later. Just don’t care about anything, it works for me, give it a try. I’ve been told that advice a few times before but never really understood. Now I do, I don’t care what happens, and now I’m motivated motherfuckas!!!! Watch out for my next cd, I’m gonna make a whole cd before anybody hears any of it. Release date is set for mid 2005, but then it all depends on if I can get all my equipment for recording so it might get postponed, but that’s how the game goes. Ill talk to you all again in a couple months...

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Eminem must die [29 Aug 2004|06:53pm]
So the other day at school i was sitting in my accounting, and I realized that i hate accounting. I am gonna major in business but I hate business. What am I gonna do with my life. I have to be a rapper that is my only chance to be happy with my job.
My music is getting better and apparently everyone in south carolina and alabama love it, so that is pretty crazy, I own the south. The bad thing is that I sound exactly like eminem. It is good becuase that means i sound fuckin awesome but at the same time this is horrible. My friend that works at interscope played my cd for some of the people there and they said, "well he has skill and talent, that is no doubt, but we already have one of him." I am not suprised by this comment becuase I have heard this before. "the world only needs one eminem, blah blah blah.." Fuck eminem!!! Im just kidding hes fuckin incredible. But if slim shady is all that stands in my way between me and eternal happiness, then shady must die!!!!!!!!! Once I move into my new house im gonna make my room into a studio so i can record all these songs that i have that are just sitting here waiting to be recorded. If anybody wants me to send them my new stuff when i get it done just ask. but get it now cause once eminem is assasinated it wont be for free.
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[21 Aug 2004|04:04pm]
This is my new Livejournal. Thanks Erin and Miriam for making it for me.
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